Santa Dust

Our traditional Santa Dust is for Sale again this year, this is always a winner with the children and a vital part of Christmas Eve !!! (make sure it is spread well so Santa and the Reindeer can see it clearly. ) €2 from the Oifig or in the shops around the town!

Christmas Raffle

This is a very important fundraiser for the Parents Committee and the school! Tickets for the fantastic prizes have been sent home – so please check for them. The draw will take place on Fri  December 21st.  If your not in, you can’t win!

School Calendars 2019

The 2019 school calendar, with a photo of each class, will be available for €10 each. They make ideal Christmas presents for grandparents etc. and can be purchased in the Oifig or from the Rang 6 pupils at the school plays.


Christmas Decorations

Another gorgeous selection of Christmas decorations, handmade and decorated by the pupils in Rang 6, Rang 5 and Rang 4 will also be available at a cost of €3 for the snowflakes and €2 for the figureens.