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Dear Parents/Guardians, We hope this email finds you well. As you may be aware, our Active Schools Week was due to start on Monday the 25th of May. During this week we try and increase our activity levels and make sure we all get our 60 minutes of exercise each day. It’s always a week that’s full of lots of different activities and lots of fun! We want to mark this week and are holding “Réalt na Mara’s Active Home Week”. In order to complete this challenge, children will have to find four different ways of being active every day, making sure that this adds up to at least 60 MINUTES, the recommended amount of daily exercise for children. Children are encouraged to try something new, have fun with a family activity and to enjoy the week. The template for this challenge can be found here:

P.E. At HOME There are lots of different ways we can try and reach this 60 minutes every day. • Joe Wicks is holding a daily P.E session on youtube each day.

• Cosmic kids have lots of great yoga sessions on youtube.

• Go Noodle is filled with dance routines and relaxation activities.

• RTÉ has a variety of short workouts available.

• This website has lots of different ideas to try out.

• Pe Shed also has lots of different games to try.

• You could create an obstacle course in your back garden.

• Create your own dance routine to your favourite song.

• Try and learn a new skill within any sport you enjoy.

• The PDST have a bank of activities online.

• This site has videos of different movements and activities to try and practice these movements.

We hope that you and your family continue to keep safe and well and enjoy being active in ways that suit your family best.