Active School 2018

Scoil Ghníomhach 2018




Active Schools & Active Schools Flag

The Active School Flag is an initiative designed to encourage physical exercise and promote healthy lifestyles within school.

It reminds us that all children need to be active for 60 minutes each day. Our school is aiming to earn its first Active flag this year. 

A cailín  in rang 6 designed our Active School Mascot  “Harvey the Hamster” and a buachaill in rang 3 wrote our Active School Motto which is “Being Active an hour a day, helps you make friends, have fun, laugh and play!”.

We set active challenges this year to make sure we all get  60 minutes of exercise every day. The senior side have been running laps of the field to see which class can run the furthest.

“Fit Fred” has stayed with different classes on the Junior side to see what each class is doing to stay fit.

Our first active school week started on April 24th. This week ended with the Réalt na Marathon, on Friday the 28th. It was just a brilliant week!


Physical Education programme

  • Every class in Scoil Réalt na Mara takes part in at least one hour of P.E every week.
  • Each class also gets to experience five different strands each year. These are Games, Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics and Outdoor + Adventure.
  • As part of our application for the Active School Flag we decided to explore ways we could develop the strand of Outdoor + Adventure.  To do this we created different Outdoor + Adventure packs for each class level. This can be used throughout the school year. Each pack contains different orienteering courses and score sheets.
  • Here’s some of Rang 6 pupils in 2017 trying out the new orienteering courses in May 2017.


Physical Activities Initiative


In March 2018  Rang 5 and Rang 6 (and the teachers) took part in the ultra-marathon RITH 2018. They joined the RITH at Barnageera Cove and they ran as far as Mourne View and then back to the school. It was cold and wet but everyone who took part had great fun!

Well done Rang 5 agus Rang 6. You were amazing!

Long Distance Running

As well as a relay team, Scoil Réalt na Mara also send a long distance runner to the Cumann na mBunscoil in May. There are no trials for this race, so one person from each age group and gender who has some experience with long distance running is picked to compete.

Junior Girls football

Realt na Mara’s first ever junior girls gaelic football team have been extremely successful already this year. The team is made up of some very talented girls from Rang 3, Rang 4 agus Rang 5. Their first game was against Pope John Paul NS, Malahide and was played here in Kelly’s Bay. We had a great win with a final score of 5-8 to 2-2. We had some super supporters who definitely helped us out on the day. The girls travelled to Round Towers GAA club to play Lusk NS for their second game. The girls battled in tough conditions to come out victorious again with a score of 4-2 to 2-3. Maith sibh cailíní!!

Junior boys football

The Junior boys of Scoil Réalt na mara have been training hard for the past 3 months, with the fruits of their efforts clear to see for everyone through the fantastic skill development  of each player along with their terrific performances on the pitch.

With a large panel of over 30, the boys navigated their way through the group stages of the Fingal league. Every member of the panel played a significant role in securing a quarter final meeting with St. Cronan’s NS. We wish the boys all the best in their upcoming game.

Relay Team

Usually in March or early April we organise trials for the Cumann na mBunscoil to pick out the athletes who will run on the relay team for their age group for that year. The trials consist of a series of sprint races which everyone competes in. There are four athletes on one relay team with usually one or two substitutes. The people with the most success in the trials will run in the Cumann na mBunscoil for the relay team for their age group.


The relay team train twice a week in the weeks before the event. They train in the mornings before school (from 8.30am – 9.00am). They practice passing the baton properly and sprinting. The long distance runners don’t get specific training though.

Réalt na Mara is always proud and successful and it’s a great day packed with fun, where many parents or siblings come along to cheer on and help out.


From September 2017 to November 2017 the children in rang 5 and rang 6 took part in the MarathonKids programme run by Fingal County Council.

The programme encourages each child to run the marathon distance of 26.2 miles over an eight week period and teaches them about the associated benefits of physical activity.

The final mile was run at a specially organised event in Santry Stadium on 29th November where each child received a T-shirt and a medal on completion of their marathon. What a great sense of accomplishment for all involved! A special thank you to Bn. Uí Cholmáin for her role in coordinating the event.


Fit Fred

Fit Fred is our Active School Mascot on the Junior Side. Every week since the beginning of March the Junior Side have been tracking the amount of activity they fit into their school day. This could be walking laps around the school, dancing with go noodle, brain breaks or completing a 10 @ 10.

Every time they complete an active break they tick the “scores on the doors” sheet outside their classroom.

Each Friday the Active School Committee count these scores to see which class has been the most active. Fit Fred visits this class for the week to join in with all the fun!

Sometimes people from that class get to bring Fit Fred home for the night and show him the other activities they get up to outside of school. Fit Fred is being kept very active by all the amazing paistí in Scoil Réalt na Mara!


The article below also featured in the Skerries News in May 2017

Réalt na Marathon

          On Friday April 28th three very brave parents from Scoil Réalt na Mara completed a full marathon on the school grounds. Niamh Grehan, Barry O’Brien and Senann McGrath completed the 42.2km run in just under five hours. They were joined throughout the day by a large number of parents completing anything from 1km to a half marathon. Barry O’Brien organised the Réalt na Marathon and it is Barry’s 2nd Marathon on behalf of the school. Scoil Réalt na Mara is very grateful for all  his help and support. During the day every child in the school from Junior Infants to 6th class completed a section of the marathon along with their teachers. Some 6th and 5th class pupils completed a half marathon without stopping. These were Oisin Hegarty, Myles Healy, Laura Fagan and Daisy Pereira. A huge number of other students ran a half marathon in stages throughout the day.

            This brilliant event came at the end of National Active Schools week. This week was part of Scoil Réalt na Mara’s application for its first active schools flag. This flag promotes healthy living and activity for children. It highlights the importance of ensuring every child gets their full sixty minutes of exercise every day.

            Every class completed an active lesson each day as part of this week. With children participating in a soccer blitz with the FAI, a cricket competition with the Hills cricket club, training from the Harps GAA club and sports conditioning with Fingal Sports Partnership. As well as these activities children completed orienteering courses, skipping stations and a mini Olympics. 

            In preparation for this week the students had been training for the marathon for the full month of March. Every class had been busy running laps of the field and participating in active breaks throughout the school day. Over the course of this training some classes ran as far as the airport, when all their training laps had been totalled.

            The whole week was a great success with every class having lots of fun getting active. The excitement on Friday was evident all through the school. Pupils took turns to come out and cheer on the brave marathon runners as well as participating themselves.

            At 11.00a.m. the whole school gathered in the yard to give the runners an even bigger cheer. Then the school performed a Whole School Dance. With Junior infants to 6th class dancing to Meghan Trainors, “I feel better when I’m Dancing”. This added to the brilliant atmosphere of the day.

            Just after 2 o’clock in the afternoon the athletes embarked on their final lap. The whole school, along with crowds of parents, were there to cheer them over the finish line. The pupils then performed their dance again to thank all those who ran throughout the day for their massive achievement and contribution to Active Schools week.

            The whole week was a great triumph and allowed everybody a chance to get out and get active! Scoil Réalt na Mara would like to thank all the coaches and teachers who contributed to Active Schools Week, as well as all the parents who ran, walked and cheered during the marathon on Friday. We would also like to thank our brilliant pupils who took such an enthusiastic part in all events throughout the week!

            The Active School Week was a great success in Scoil Réalt na Mara!

This year our Active School Week starts on May 28th. We can’t wait to try lots of new activities and have lots of fun staying fit and healthy!!

the amazing paistí in Scoil Réalt na Mara!

Active School Week- This is what we did!

We held our first Active Schools Week in April 2017. This week was jam packed with activities as you can see below.

Monday –

Junior and Senior infants took part in Sports Conditioning Training with Eoghan

Rang 1 – Rang 4 took part in stations with Louise

Rang 5 and Rang 6 took part in a soccer blitz with Keith from the FAI


Tuesday – Junior Infants – Rang 2 completed Skipping Stations on yard with Iníon Ní Smartt and pupils from the Senior Side

Rang 3 agus Rang 4 completed GAA training with Johnny and Louise from the Harps.

Rang 5 agus Rang 6 competed in a Cricket competition in the Hills Cricket Club


Wednesday –

There was two orienteering courses set up.

One on the Junior side for Junior Infants – Rang 1.

Another on the Senior Side for Rang 2 – Rang 6. Rang 5 agus Rang 6 also had GAA with Johnny and Louise from the Harps.

Thursday – Whole School Mini Olympics. Here a class from the Junior Side was paired with a class from the Senior Side. Here the Senior pupils brought the younger pupils around six stations organised around the yard.


Friday – Réalt na Marathon.

Here three parents from the school ran a full marathon around the school grounds. They started at 9.15 and ran until 2.15. Throughout the course of their marathon they were joined by large numbers of other parents throughout the day. Each class also ran a section of the marathon with the parents, with some pupils completing a full half marathon. This meant there was children running throughout the day alongside the parents taking part.

The whole school also performed a whole school dance at 11.00 to “I feel better when I’m dancing” to cheer on the marathon runners. This dance was then repeated at 2.20 to allow the parents who were running the full marathon a chance to witness the dance properly.

The day was a huge success. We even made it into the local papers as you can see below;

Running on the Senior Side (Skerries to Greece!)


Each year the Senior side in Scoil Réalt na Mara stay really active by running laps of either the field or the school.

In Spring 2017 the Senior side were busy training for the Scoil Réalt na Marathon. Each week the members of the Active School Committee kept a record of the how many laps their class had completed. We then displayed these distance on a map of Dublin on the Active School Board.

Well done to In. Uí Raghallaigh Rang 4 who managed to make it all the way to the airport.

See the picture below to show an example of how the distance were tracked.

We loved running these laps so much we decided to start from September 2017 and track them for the whole year. We decided to take part in the run around Europe challenge.

Every week the Active School Committee track their classes kilometres in their journals. On our last count we had run all the way to Athens in Greece!!