Ealáin Pop i Rang 3

Ealáin Pop i Rang 3

In Rang 3 we recently explored some of the artists from the Pop Art movement, such as Rob Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.

We then created our own Pop Art based on the work of Julien Opie, using ourselves as the subject of the paintings.

We were delighted with the results.

Maith sibh Rang 3 tá na pictiúir go hálainn ar fad.

Pop Art is currently on display in the Rang 3 Gallery of Modern Art (the corridor outside Rang 3) for a limited time only.

Is scread é i Rang 3!- It’s a scream in Rang 3!

Is scread é i Rang 3!- It’s a scream in Rang 3!

Is scread é i Rang 3!

Bhí Rang 3 ag foghlaim faoi Edvard Munch agus a phictiúr ‘An Scread’

Rinne siad a gcuid pictiúir féin freisin.

It’s a scream in Rang 3!

Rang 3 were learning about Edvard Munch and his painting ‘The Scream’.

They made their own paintings also.

Risotto le bagún agus cabáiste.

Risotto le bagún agus cabáiste.

Seo iad na daltaí ó Rang 3 a chum an oideas do Risotto le bagún agus cabáiste.

Bhuaigh Rang 3 an comórtas ón nGort go Pláta do mí Márta.

Maith sibh a dhaltaí.

Maith sibh Rang 3.


Here are the pupils who devised the recipe for Risotto with bacon and cabbage.

Rang 3 won the Pasture to Plate competition for March.

Well done pupils.

Well done Rang 3.

Terry Mc Coy cooks for Rang 3

Terry Mc Coy cooks for Rang 3

He has worked in Kitchens in France, Germany, Switzerland and the United States but today Terry Mc Coy was in Scoil Réalt na Mara where he was private chef to Rang 3.

The Dish: Risotto with Bacon and Cabbage.  © Shane, Theo agus Lily

The Ingredients: Arborio Rice, pre-cooked bacon, (Rush) cabbage from down the road! broth/stock, onion and butter.

Equipment: Knife, saucepan, cooker, spoon, fork, adult supervision is important.

Step1: Wash your hands!

Step 2: Put the saucepan on the cooker.

Step 3:Add 1 tablespoon of butter.

Step 4: Turn on the cooker while you chop your onion and add it to the melting butter.

Step 5: After 5 minutes when the onion is soft add your arboria rice and stir.

Step 6: 3 minutes later pour the stock/broth into the saucepan gradually.

Step 7: Chop up your cabbage and add to the saucepan.

Step 8: Dice the precooked bacon and sprinkle it into the saucepan,

Step 9: Serve on to the plate and grate some ‘Hegarty’ cheese on the top if wanted.

Step 10: Get your fork and enjoy.

(We have found that  for some strange reason the Risotto with Bacon and Cabbage always tastes better  if homework is all completed first)

The Verdict: ‘Amazing’. ‘Best Risotto ever’, ‘Cool’, ‘It tasted great’ ‘ An-mhaith’, ‘go h-iontach’, ‘Ar fheabhas’.

Agri aware Pasture to Plate visit Rang 3

Agri aware Pasture to Plate visit Rang 3

Great excitement today in Rang 3 as part of their winning entry in the Agri Aware Pasture to Plate Competition they were visited by the Pasture to Plate team.

Farmer Padraic Mc Mahon  of the IFA and previous 2018 Agri Aware Open Farm Host began the day with a talk about the role of the farmer.

The producers were represented by John Hagan of Country Crest Farm Shop.

World famous Skerries Chef Terry Mc Coy brought it all to the plate with a mouth watering display of his culinary art.

Buíochas to Eilis Greene of Agri Aware for her organisation on the day.

Buíochas mór do In. Uí Lionnáin as an obair go léir le seo.

Last but by no means least, Buíochas MÓR do Rang 3 for their amazing work on this project. Tá sibh ar fheabhas ar fad!

Pasturre to Plate Competition    Agri Aware Website

Bua ag Rang 3 i gComórtas ón nGort go Pláta le Agri Aware.

Bua ag Rang 3 i gComórtas ón nGort go Pláta le Agri Aware.



Comhghairdeas le Rang 3 a bhuaigh  an Comórtas Agri Aware ‘ón nGort go Pláta’.

Congratulations to Rang 3 who won the Agri Aware ‘Pasture to Plate’ competition.

Amazing achievement for Rang In. Uí Lionnáin.

The judges loved the ”Risotto with Bacon and Cabbage”


This means the class will receive a visit from both a chef and a farmer to bring the journey of your dish; from pasture to plate!!

It is hoped to organise this visit in April!


Well done from all at Agri Aware who look forward to visiting the class in person soon!