Scoil Réalt na Mara.   

Christmas Concerts – Ceolchoirmeacha na Nollag.   2018


Lá agus dátaAmRangMúinteoirTeideal (Title)
Thurs.13th1.30pmRang 4Mr Ó LaoireHosanna Rock

Rang 4 sing, dance & perform their take on a Nativity Play



1.00pmRang 1Bn. Uí Dháibhis


It’s A Party!

The invitations were unusual, the guests were unlikely and the venue was unconventional. But what a Party!

1.40pmRang 5In Uí RaghallaighThe Magical Christmas Jigsaw

The discovery of a magical jigsaw leads to the retelling of the 1st Christmas



11.15amRang 4In Nic a BhairdAway with the Manger!

When a robbery goes wrong two thieves hide out in a school with hilarious consequences!

1.30pmRang 1In. de BreitIt’s Party Time!

More than two thousand years after the Christmas story first began, the celebrations still continue. While Mary and Joseph make their way to Bethlehem we follow the angels as they deliver their invitations to the party. Those lucky enough to be included on their guest list will get to attend a most unconventional party!



9.30amJun. InfantsIn. Uí Smartt


In. Uí Fhearail

Ceolchoirm na Nollaig!

Beidh fáilte romhaibh go dtí ár gceolchoirm, lán le amhráin agus dánta na Nollaig. Tá an-sceithmhíní orainn I Seomra 3 agus Seomra 4!!

11.00amSen InfantsBn. Uí Chonghaile


Hansel agus Gretel

Seomra 2 will perform their own Christmas Panto complete with songs, laughter and some very wicked witches. Oh yes they will…!!!

1.30pmRang 3In. Uí LionnáinChristmas Toy Story

A group of toys come to life during the early hours of Christmas morning. The toys try to discover what this strange thing called Christmas is really about!



9.15amSen InfantsIn Nic Giolla MhuireAngel Express

The angel Express newspaper announces that Jesus is about to be born. The Angels decide to learn a song for him, but there’s not much time. Will the Angel choir be ready in time?

10.00amRang 2Mr. Ó DúinnMidwife Crises!

The donkey is all mixed up and the midwife is travelling to Bethlehem we think! Now if they can only find a stable!


11.00amRang 2In. Uí DhúillMidwife Crises!

The midwife is enroute to Bethlehem to help the Baby Jesus, or is she? Will she make it in time to see the baby Jesus being born?

1.30pmRang 6Bn. Uí RaghallaighLost Claus – A Christmas Catastrophe!

Santa Goes missing on Christmas Eve. Can the Clausbusters crack the case or will it be a case of a present-free Christmas?



11.15amRang 3Mr Mac AodhaChildren of the World

An Exploration of Christmas traditions from all over the world including Poland, China, Malawi,USA, Australia and Ireland.

1.30pmRang 6Mr Ó FearraighCrazy Christmas Play!

Join Rang 6 as they sing Dance and perform their Crazy Christmas Play!

Enjoy the show! But please remember that a lot of time , effort and hard work has been given to the Christmas concert preparations by pupils, teachers and staff.

  • Please be seated in the halla prior to the beginning of the show.
  • Please ensure that young children are and remain seated with you.
  • The area directly in front of the stage must be kept clear at all times for health and safety reasons.
  • Please allow all of the pupils to shine by maintaining an attentive atmosphere. Enjoy the show!
School Event – Photography Policy

  • We draw your attention to the School Event Photography Policy regarding the taking of photographs/ audio/ video etc. at school events.
  • Parents/Guardians are permitted to take photographs, video and audio recordings provided that any images are for their own  private use.
  • Images/audio/ video containing any other pupil and or staff member should not be published on any form of social media unless the prior written permission of everyone appearing in the media has been obtained.