The schedule of Christmas Concert dates and times are available at the link below.

We hope that everyone will enjoy the show!

But please remember that a lot of time , effort and hard work has been given to the Christmas concert preparations by pupils, teachers and staff.

We would like to remind you:

  • Please be seated in the halla prior to the beginning of the show.
  • Please ensure that young children are and remain seated with you.
  • The area directly in front of the stage must be kept clear at all times for health and safety reasons.
  • Please allow all of the pupils to shine by maintaining an attentive atmosphere. Enjoy the show!

Full schedule of concert times available here:←


School Event – Photography Policy

We draw your attention to the School Event Photography Policy regarding the taking of photographs/ audio/ video etc. at school events.

  • Parents/Guardians are permitted to take photographs, video and audio recordings provided that any images are for their own private use.

Images/audio/ video containing any other pupil and or staff member should not be published on any form of social media unless the prior written permission of everyone appearing in the media has been obtained.


Full schedule of concert times available here:←