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Friends for Life Cairde go Deo

Here you will find all about our Friend for Life programme.



Friends for Life is a wellbeing and resilience programme developed in response to research indicating the growing need to tackle the increasing prevalence of anxiety and worry in children and young people today.


It is based on developing resilience at a young age, which aims to prevent future wellness issues.


Two of our teachers were among the first to be trained as facilitators for this programme when it became available to schools and to date more than half of the  teachers have undergone training.


We have been implementing this programme in 5th class,  in Scoil Réalt na Mara.  It is ideally positioned to support the children as they move forward to their teenage years, and transition into secondary school.


From the response of the facilitators, and feedback from parents and the children participating, it is clear that there is a need and a desire for this kind of structured programme.


This programme is embedded in our 5th Class programme.