Green School

Scoil Ghlas



Bhí spéis láidir i gcónaí i Scoil Réalt na Mara i gcúrsaí na timpeallachta agus i gcúrsaí athchúrsála, ag síneadh siar go dtí na laethanta nuair a bhí an scoil timpealltha le páirceanna. Bhí ceol na bhfuiseog le cloisint agus barraí ar fás taobh linn. Thiocfadh fear chun cannaí folamha a cheannach agus  bheadh na daltaí in iomaíocht chun seasamh ar na cannaí sin.

Much has changed in Skerries since those early years of larks and fields but Scoil Réalt na Mara has continued to develop our pupils’ understanding of green issues and to enable best practice among our school community. We have been involved with the European Green Flag programme for many years. The school has achieved the requirements in the areas of Waste, Water, Energy, Travel and Biodiversity.


Our various policies and school practices are assessed on an ongoing basis by our green committee and by the staff members. As each new flag is awarded, the standards for previous flags must be maintained. It is of importance to everyone in the school community that existing standards are not relaxed or forgotten.

Skerries is a wonderful seaside town and our school location makes green travel both safe and practical. In fact, successive surveys show that most pupils in Scoil Réalt na Mara walk to school and a minority are driven, which is a reversal of national figures.


  • Green Travel 2017 Survey 78.1%
  • Car Only Travel 2017 Survey 21.9%
  • Walking 2017 Survey 52%
  • Park n Stride 2017 Survey 12%
  • Bicycle 2017 Travel Survey 10%
  • Scooter 2017 Travel Survey 4%

Our various Our focus on Waste linked itself to the issue of school lunches and the resulting waste materials. A Healthy Lunch Policy has been agreed and supported. It provides parents with a clear frame work and practical and healthy lunch ideas are always available. Using reusable lunch boxes and bottles, coupled with the children bringing home their wrappers and left overs has slashed the school’s waste and gives parents a clear idea of their child’s eating habits.

Scoil Réalt na Mara is now surrounded by houses but the children of Skerries still take the same interest in their surroundings. We are well aware of the aptness of our school motto – “Ní neart go cur le chéile” (there is no strength without unity). May we continue to support and encourage each other for many years to come.