Scoil Réalt na Mara Parents Council – Personalised Christmas Cards 2018

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This year the Parents Council are delighted to advise you that we will offering you the opportunity to buy Personalised Christmas Cards which will be coloured/designed by your child.  We will be working with a card company who will produce the cards.

Junior side – each child will receive a preprinted template to colour in.

Senior side – each child will receive a blank template so they can design their own card.

Once the drawing is complete, the card company will produce a sample card which will be given to each child along with an order form for you to complete and return to the school along with the payment.  Please note there is no obligation to buy cards.

Please note by completing the order form you are authorising the card company to hold your child’s name for the sole purpose of producing the cards. Once the order is complete this information will be deleted.

Important dates:

25th October                         templates will be given out to each child.

6th November                       deadline for return of completed drawings.

15th November(Approx)     sample cards will be distributed to each child who sent in a                                                    drawing, along  with an order form for you to complete.

20th November                    deadline to receive back completed order form and payment.

5th December(Approx)        Christmas cards complete and ready for distribution.

Deadlines – To ensure we have the Christmas cards on time we must adhere to these dates – we cannot accept late drawings or orders.


10 cards           €8.00

20 cards         €15.00 (based on 20 of same design only)

30 cards         €20.00 (based on 30 of same design only)

In order to get the best quality card here are a few tips:

What to use:What not to use:
Crayons, colouring pencils or markers.

The more vibrant the picture the better the card quality.

Glitter or luminous colours.


If for whatever reason you require a replacement template, contact a member of the Parents Council, who will be able to assist. However, the deadlines above will still apply. Please do not photocopy the template as this will reduce the quality of the print.

If you have any questions please contact any member of the Parents Council or email