Pupil View

Tuairimí na nDaltaí



Pupils in each class were asked to describe their school.

Here are some of the descriptions from each class.

‘It is a lovely place to go’

Junior Infant Pupil


It is fun.

It is a lovely school.

The yard is so fun.

It is a really nice place, I like my class.

It’s fun because you get to do P.E.

It is a lovely place to go.

The school is amazing you can bring toys on Friday.

You will make lovely friends.

The múinteoir’s are like princes and princesses.

Scoil Réalt na Mara has the best games.


We do joined-up writing, art and homework.

We get to make books and models out of clay.

We do science and learn about Isaac Newton.

On Fridays, if you are good at Tionól, your class can win Ted for a week.

There are lots of children and teachers who know lots of things.

We pray to God in our school.

There is a big Halla in our school and we go there on Fridays to say our news, prayers and to sing Happy Birthday.

You can go to after school football.

We learn Irish in School.

People are kind in our school.



It is about learning and having fun.

It is a clean school.

People are really nice to each other.

The best thing about school is my teacher and my friends.

It is a very fair school.

It is a friendly school.

The school is beautiful and has two yards.

The school is Irish and every class learns Irish.

The school is great in many ways.

School is about doing Maths and colouring and learning and loads more.

Our school is full of kindness.



Is maith liom mo scoil. Is scoil iontach í.

I love going to school every day especially on the bright summer days.

I have made a lot of friends in my school.

I love P.E. at school.

We learn lots and have fun in Scoil Réalt na Mara.

If you were in my school you would have more than lots of friends.

You learn great things, like maths.

Our school is lovely and clean.

Réalt na Mara is beside the sea in Skerries.

Réalt na Mara was founded in 1978 and is the best school ever.

Our motto is ‘Ní neart go cur le chéile’ which means ‘Unity is strength’.

You will feel comfortable here.

There are beautiful flowers and trees when you come in the gate.

Is maith liom mo scoil.

We have a Gaelic team for boys and a Gaelic team for girls.

The school moved to its present building in 1983.

The school used to be where the Little Theatre is now.

It is high quality.

My favourite day is the school tour.

We do rugby and GAA training.

We learn how to play the tin whistle.

Is aoibheann liom mo chairde í Scoil Réalt na Mara.

It is a cool school.

We do very hard work.

There is a big room for news (the Halla!)

It is fun not boring.

There are lots of sports to do after school like  karate, football, gaelic football and tin whistle.

The teachers prepare you for the next class.

The teachers are very nice.

It’s educational.

I love Scoil Réalt na Mara I have so much fun.

Every day you will be happy about something.

We do lots of Gaeilge.

If I could rate it 1 to 10, I would say 10.

You make lots of friends.

The teachers are very nice.



It is very educational.

We have five green flags now and we are a very clear school with no litter.

At the First Communion, our assembly hall is open for tea, sweets and cake.

At Christmas Santa came (with sweets)!

Every year for Christmas we do school plays.

You have to bring your own lunch in.

Scoil Réalt na Mara is strong with Irish and is big.

It is a very good school for learning and I recommend it for children.

Good education, good teachers, it teaches very well and it is a catholic school.

We have fun days like the cake sale.

We speak a bit of Irish!

There are lots of fun events like sports day, school tours and enterprise day.

You learn something new every day from the teachers.

Our school tries to help the environment as much as we can.

There are lots of books you can read.

Lots of people sing and there is a choir you can join from 3rd class and upwards.

Our school is cute and holy.

We have special days like sports day and barbecue day.

We do group projects with our friends.

The pupils are well behaved.

All of the teachers are really nice and kind.

We always help bio-diversity.

It has two different sales, a book sale and a cake sale.

It has a large ethos in Irish.

There is a school shop where you can buy pencils, rubbers, rulers and copies.

They teach you stuff you will need to know when you are older.

The first thing I notice about our school is the beautiful cherry blossom tree.

We don’t just do work, we do lots of fun stuff.

It is very big and clean.

If you love singing, we have a choir.

And cool art, very fun!

It is simply the best.

We learn to play the tin whistle and lots of songs.

There is always a friend around and it is easy to make friends.

There is a lost and found for lost things.

Scoil Réalt na Mara is the nicest school ever.

There is a Green School committee in our school.

I love my school so much.

Everyone takes care of each other.

Lunch lasts long enough.

Yards last long enough.

In school we do lots of creative things like art, science and P.E.

This is our school, it is a good school.



The 8 years you spend in Réalt na Mara will be the 8 best years of your life.

I love the choir and the halla because we sing songs.

The people are really nice and you make friends really fast.

Our school is just outside the sea in Skerries.

There is always help if you need it.

It is always exciting and fun.

Scoil Réalt na Mara is brilliant in many ways.

Our school is very friendly.

The staff, teachers and principal are all very kind.

Réalt na Mara helps us with our work.

Réalt na Mara is a great school for learning.

People always smile and it gives me a happy feeling.

Our school is by the sea and we have five  Green Flags.

There is always someone to help you and comfort you.

It is a very popular and good school.

There is always someone in the hall to give you a smile.

We are always very nice and welcoming to new pupils.

There is one attic in Rang 1!

We are Catholic and we take our religion very seriously.

Our uniform is pretty comfy.

We hardly ever fail to get our Green Flag!

Our teachers always have fun and it is never boring.

Lovely beautiful bio-diversity and everybody is nature friendly.

Our school has a green committee and our code is;  Save the bees, save the trees.  Save the ants, save the plants. If we live in a green way, Biodiversity won’t go away.

Réalt na Mara is good, like I enjoy learning here.

We do tionól (assembly) every Friday and we sing songs and allow people to show off their talents.

Has a good size, what I mean is that it isn’t too big or too small.

We end at 2.30.

All the teachers care for you.

On one day we get to have National Tree Day and we get to look at trees.

Our school is a very nice place with nice children and nice teachers.

The teachers are very serious about Irish!

Our school supports Irish and Religion very well.

I love school because all the teachers are very encouraging with what we do.

In the school we all enjoy doing school projects.

We learn our national language a lot (Gaeilge).

The priest comes to give us blessings on special holy days.

We have a school calendar.

You get a great education.

We have great board games to play during our morning playtimes.

All the teachers in the school are always doing extra fun things for us, like yesterday we made pancakes.

We are very good at our sports like the Santry sports, football team and cricket team.

We have tionól (assembly) every Friday, some schools don’t have any get togethers

We are very creative.

We are a Catholic school.

Réalt na Mara owns numerous teams!

Lots of teachers give up time, we do lots of activities.

We are very well mannered.

We have nice surroundings to play in.

We have a big strength in our Irish!

We have sensible rules.

We treat everyone equally and nicely.


Our school is very good with the amount of people that walk to school every day.

Our school isn’t an Irish school but we speak Irish a lot!

Every year everyone learns so much.

It has a lot of friendly people.

The work isn’t madly hard.

Great crack, a clean, fun and well run school!

Your class is like a family that you see every week day.

The school has great education.

Lots of books for all ages.

Our school has loads of teams to try out for, pitches to play football on and nice people.

About 86% of our school walk to school every day.

We have a bunch of lunch and healthy eating policies but I don’t mind.

Scoil Réalt na Mara is all about the environment.

In school everyone is nice to everyone and we are proud of it.

We have a second hand school book sale at the end of the year.

We have tons of special days.

Réalt na Mara is a good school because we have all sorts of stuff going on like the football team and the Green School committee.

Réalt na Mara stands for Star of the Sea.

We get homework every day except Friday and not on weekends.

In our school we have lots of different events, like, sports day which is a big deal.

The teachers make it easy to learn.

We have some days like Barbeque day and sports day where we have fun outside of work.

There is a school Gaelic teams for girls and another one for boys.

I like the way everyone is kind in this school.

Halla aka Assembly is on at the middle of school and we tell each other news and birthdays.

The teachers are hardworking but kind and fun.



Réalt na Mara has very high expectations and great discipline in order to secure manners and safety in school.

The halla is held every Friday. This gives us a chance to get together and perform as a school.

We have a very hard-working atmosphere.

We have raspberry bushes.

We have a school choir.

We are very keen on every child to be happy and healthy.

The school helps you to be confident in yourself.

Every class goes on at least one school tour per year.

The manners are very good in the school among the children.

Our school is very friendly and welcoming.

Everybody has a part to play in Scoil Réalt na Mara.

Every class child has a reasonable amount of homework.

We do BBQ day with Burgers and you have a choice of what you want on the burger such as chicken or beef. With the burgers we get a drink.

All the teachers and staff are really nice and they explain things very well for us to understand.

We have brilliant learning support facilities.

There is a wide range of teachers (sporty ones, mathsy ones and and artistic ones).

It’s a big enough school with 16 classrooms, two for each class.

We have a yard so we can get fresh air.

The children are helpful.

There is a good community spirit.

The teachers are top-notch.

The school has a good education.

The rules are fair.

We have a basketball court.

The sports are incredible.

Our school is kind and welcoming.

The teachers are prepared for every day.

There is something for everybody to do.

Our school is a very well educated school and very fun.

We have a good few extra critical activities!

We have high expectations.

Our halla is very big and on Friday we go down and sing or perform.

It is very organised.

The school is very protected and safe.

There are lots of resources and extra help.

We are very eco-friendly.

It’s located by the sea.

We have a Green School committee.

The play area is very large.

Everyone is so nice.

Everyone reaches their full ability.

The school keeps its grounds clean.

Scoil Réalt na Mara is a civilised school!

Our school is a very good school for events like Communion and Confirmation.

The school helps our confidence.

All the older children interact with the younger children which is fun.

The school is big into Irish.

There are loads of fun days like sports day, barbecue day, tree day, enterprise day and cake sale days.

It makes you feel welcome.