School Information Booklet

Leabhrán Eolais Scoile




Fáilte - Welcome


                                                              Meán Fómhair, 2017

A cháirde,

Tá fáilte romhaibh go léir go Scoil Réalt na Mara. We would like to extend a special fáilte to those parents who are joining us for the first time.

This booklet provides information about arrangements for the coming academic year. Short notes on school policy in the area of homework and discipline are also provided. It is important to us that we have your support and co-operation in the joint task we share of preparing our children to meet the many challenges that will face them in the future.

I look forward to working with you during the coming year.

Slán go fóill,

Máire Ní Odhráin,


Board of Management



The present Board of Management was formed in 2015. It consists of 2 elected parent representatives, an elected teacher representative from the school, 2 representatives of the patron, 2 representatives from the community and the school Principal. The Board has a 4 year term of office.




For security reasons we have timers on the outer doors of the school. These are programmed to facilitate the pupils at entrance and exit times. If you need to enter the school, please use the main front door.

School History

STAIR NA SCOILE                                                              1978 – 2017


Scoil Réalt na Mara was founded in September 1978. The school was initially located in what we now call “The Little Theatre” and five years later a new building off the Balbriggan Road was completed. This new building was officially opened on October 23rd 1983 and blessed by

Dr.Dermot O’Mahony. Scoil Réalt na Mara is a Catholic school under the patronage of the Archbishop of Dublin.

From the outset the interest in Irish Language and culture was evident and these became central to the Ethos of the school. Sport and music also play a major role in the day to day activities of the children in our care.

The importance of parents as ‘Partners in Education’ was recognised from the outset and parents have been involved in every aspect of the school’s development e.g. Parents Association, Board of Management, First Communion Breakfasts, 6th Class Graduation and Green School Committee to name but a few.

Our motto is ‘Ní Neart go Cur le Chéile”- Unity is Strength. May the spirit of co-operation between pupils, parents and teachers that has been the hallmark of Réalt na Mara from the beginning continue long into the future.

School Times



Assembly  time                                      8.50am

Formal classes begin                            9.10am

Infants go home                                    1.30pm

Ranganna 1 – 6 go home                      2.30pm

Parents are asked to note that the school building does not open until 8.50am. For insurance reasons children who arrive early should not enter the school grounds until 8.50am. Formal classes begin at 9.10am. We would appreciate if parents would vacate the school building before 9.10am as teachers need to begin the day’s work. Children who arrive after 9.10am must report to the office. Lunches or any other items left at home may be left by parents at the office. All parents calling to the school after 9.10am should report to the school office.

School Discipline


Every child coming to school has a right to expect an atmosphere where he/she can learn, play and be safe. It is to ensure this right

that a certain code of discipline has to be in operation in any school.

Children respond well to a definite code of discipline. They feel more secure and more confident in situations where they know what is expected of them and are aware of the behaviour that is not acceptable in school.

Some parents may not be aware of the disruptive effect their child may have on the class. They see him/her as just “ lively “. It must be stressed that a school situation is one in which work is expected to get done.

Our school implements the latest anti-bullying procedures from the DES. We circulated our “Code of Discipline” to all families and we ask for your support in implementing this code. Copies of both policies can be obtained from the school office.

Safety First


I am very aware of the concerns expressed by parents, of the small minority who are inconsiderate of the safety of others, themselves and their children, when dropping off or picking up at the school. I have spoken to the local Garda Sergeant about our concerns. Parents should inform the Gardai if they see careless or dangerous driving or parking within the vicinity of the school. Please be extra vigilant on wet days. Parents are requested to remain outside the main gates at 2.30pm. in order to facilitate the large number of children exiting at the same time. I would ask parents to ensure that children do not climb walls, safety rails or trees at any time.

Because of the danger to small children, parents are asked not to drive or cycle into the school car park. Again for safety reasons, no pupil is allowed to ride a bicycle, scooter or skate board in the school grounds. Bicycles left in the school grounds are left at the owners’ risk and should be locked at all times. It is advisable that all pupils who cycle to school should wear helmets.

Parents are also asked to observe the no-parking signs painted on the road outside the school. These road signs were placed by the Road Safety Department of Fingal County Council in the interest of safety to all.

Please be considerate of the residents of both Mourne View and Skerries Rock, especially those who live close to the school. Do not obstruct their driveways and drive very slowly within the vicinity of the school.

Parents are asked to be mindful of blocking pathways etc. when children are exiting from the school building and grounds at 1.30pm and 2.30pm.

Healthy Lunch Policy


Following a period of consultation and discussion, we have a healthy lunch policy in our school.

Everyone will benefit by co-operating in implementing this policy.

Each family has received a copy and copies are on display in the school.

Under an E.U. scheme milk is available in the school at a reduced cost.



This opportunity is taken to remind you of the constant need for vigilance with regard to hair infection. The advice from the Health Education Bureau is that all children’s hair should be checked at least once a week with a fine comb, as a matter of routine, and if necessary appropriate action taken promptly.

The possibility of injury to children during break times is a constant concern of the teaching staff. In the interest of safety we would ask that children not wear any jewellery other than watches to school as the potential of injury to themselves or others is a possibility.

We would also ask that all cailíní and buachaillí particularly those who have long hair, have their hair tied back neatly every day.

Pupils are not allowed to colour their hair during school term.

Under no circumstances should any child bring a mobile phone to school.

We would also like to remind parents of our policy that invitations to birthday parties etc. are not to be distributed by parents or children in school. On previous occasions this practice caused upset and unwelcome division in classes. Your co-operation in this matter is much appreciated.

Parental Involvement


A strong tradition of parent involvement has developed in Réalt na Mara. We are very conscious of the importance of the link between home and school and our school motto – Ní neart go cur le chéile – Unity is Strength – reflects our concern to continue to develop these links. Over the years many new initiatives have been undertaken to strengthen this link – a school newsletter ‘Nuachtlitir’, introductory meetings of parents of new pupils, receptions for First Communicants and their families, and graduation celebrations for pupils in Rang 6. On all occasions we have received tremendous support and encouragement from parents for which we are grateful. Our thanks must go to many parents who help with providing transport to matches, assisting with school tours, catering at functions, helping with reading and countless other very often hidden services, without which we could not maintain the high standards we wish to provide for our pupils.

School Uniform


It is important that each child wears the uniform every day. We look forward to support from parents in implementing this rule.

The uniform consists of :            Buachaillí – Navy trousers

                                                    Cailíní – skirt/gymslip

                                                     Pale blue shirt

                                                     Navy jumper/cardigan with school crest

                                                     Navy tie

                                                        Black shoes & Navy socks

                                                        School Track Suit

The School crest is an important part of the school uniform and instills a sense of pride in our school. They are available from the office. Coats, uniform jumpers/cardigans and tracksuits should be labelled to facilitate identification.

Communications Policy


We have devised a Communications Policy that outlines good practice for pupils, teachers and parents. It is advisable to arrange a meeting with teacher in advance when a particular issue needs to be discussed. The policy may be obtained from the school office.



All children go to the yard twice a day – weather permitting. We cannot allow children with colds, sore throats etc. to remain in the classrooms at these times. So please ensure that your child is suitably dressed for going out to play.

Parent -Teacher Meetings


Parent-Teacher Meetings will be held on Wednesday November 15th and Thursday November 16th 2017. We will contact you prior to this date to make an appointment for your meeting.

Absence from School


We appreciate telephone calls in relation to absences, however it is important that a written note is forwarded to the school on the child’s return, as a written record is essential under the Education Welfare Act 2000. The reason for each absence is also required. It is our duty to notify the Education Welfare Board about any child who is absent 20 or more days in the school year.

To all Dog Owners


Dogs in the school grounds are a menace and a great danger to children. We would ask you to ensure that your dog is kept at home. Although you think of your dog as a pet this is not always the case when the dog is outside the home. Stray dogs will be reported to the Dog Warden. Please do not bring your dog into the school grounds. It is important that this information is passed on to your  child minder.

Parents Council


The school has a very active and hard working Parents Council which works closely with the Board of Management and the school staff to promote the educational and welfare interests of the pupils. The AGM to elect new members to the council will take place later in the year. We look forward as usual to working with the Parents Council during the coming year.

Holidays and other Closures


The school will be closed on the following dates:

Monday 30th  October to Friday 3rd  November:               Bank Holiday,                                                                                                             & Mid Term

(School re-opens on Monday 6th of November)

Friday 8th December   :                                                             Holiday

School will close for Christmas holidays on Friday 22nd December, 2017

at 12 noon and re-open on Monday 8th January, 2018.


Thursday 15th February and Friday 16th February :         Mid-Term

Monday 19th March  :                                                           Bank Holiday

School will close for Easter holidays on Friday 23rd March at 12 noon

and re-open on Monday 9th April.

Monday 7th May & Tuesday 8th May :                                   Bank Holiday

                                                                                                       & Holiday

Monday 4th June and Tuesday 5th June :                            Bank Holiday

                                                                                                       & Holiday

The school will close for summer holidays on Friday, June 29th 2018

at 12 noon.

P.E. Gear


  1. It is important that we support the wearing of the school uniform. School Track Suits may be worn on P.E. day only or for school   organised activities. They may not be worn instead of the school uniform.

  2. Pupils should distinguish between games and classroom work.

  3. Pupils should be trained to be responsible for remembering

         their P.E. day and for looking after their own clothes.

School track suits are available from Sports & Photo Centre, Super Valu Centre, Church Street, Skerries.



Homework is an important part of the child’s work. It helps to reinforce what has been learned at school. It also enables a child to do a limited amount of work on his/her own.

This independence and acceptance of responsibility is an important part of the child’s development.


Homework is given four nights a week : Monday – Thursday

In the event of work during the week being unsatisfactory, some teachers may also require additional work to be done over the weekend.

The following is a guide as to the length of time homework should take the average pupil:

         Ranganna 6 agus 5           :                 One hour

         Ranganna 4 agus 3           :                 45 minutes

         Rang 2                               :                30 minutes

         Rang 1                               :                20 minutes

         Senior Infants                     :               10 – 15 minutes

         Junior Infants                      :                5 minutes

If it regularly takes your child considerably more or less time to do homework, it would be worth considering the following:

If time taken is too short      (1)    is all the homework being done?

                                               (2)     is the work being done tidily and                                                                           carefully?

If time taken is too long      (1)   does your child understand what                                                                          he/she is doing?

                                            (2)      are there other distractions e.g.                                                                  television, friends calling, while                                                                  work is being done?

If you feel that the time span is too long or too short, please speak to

the class teacher.

Every child in Ranganna 1 – 6 must have a homework diary. This should be signed each night on completion of the work. The purpose of the diary is to keep a check on the child’s work during the year. Each diary is checked regularly in school and if homework is not being done satisfactorily, this will be commented on by the teacher. It is then up to the parents, in the child’s interest, to make sure that the work is properly done. Homework is the responsibility of the home. So please, check your child’s homework diary every night and sign the diary on completion of the work. The establishment of a routine with regard to homework is of great benefit to all children.

We look forward to your co-operation in this matter.

N.C.S.E. Information Initiative.

NCSE Information Initiative

The National Council for Special Education launched a national initiative last year, to provide information sessions to parents and guardians of children with special needs. On the website you will find useful information on educational supports and services that are available.

Enrolment for Junior Infant Classes for September 2018.


Parents/Guardians who wish to enrol their child/children for September 2018 are asked to come to the school to Pre-Enrol their child/children for the Junior Infant Classes during the period 8th JANUARY to 19th JANUARY,  2018  which is the final date for applications.

Pupils leaving school before the end of the schoolday.


The name of a child who leaves the school earlier than the official closing time must be recorded by the responsible adult who will accompany the child from the school. The sign out book will be in the Secretary’s office. No pupil will be allowed to leave the school unaccompanied. Pupils who return must be signed back into school by the adult accompanying them.

School Website

Our Website

Our school website is live at The website has lots of information about the school, including the history of Scoil Réalt na Mara, ethos, news and newsletters, calendar, book lists and parent news. You can also catch up with news on school initiatives and we focus in particular on pupil wellness. We aim to keep the website a live record of what’s happening in school and on coming events.

We give particular mention to Noel McCrabbe of who has greatly assisted the setting up of the website.

We would ask that you would check regularly to catch up on the latest news.