The school website is up and running. (after a period of self-isolation and a change of hosting provider!)

We have redesigned elements of the website  to support Home Learning and the general information pages will be  populated in the coming days.

On the homepage you can scroll down to access supports for Home Learning. We will post additional support pages for classes in this section.

You will find a:

BULLETIN BOARD: Here we will post any general school information, letters, important notices etc.

RAINY DAY MENU PAGES: Here we will post support pages/suggestions for home learning.

RESOURCES: Here you will find some links to additional activities that may be useful.

HOME LEARNING GUIDANCE: Here we will post what we deem to be useful advice for Home Learning.

As we provide suggested work over the coming period we will be guided by 3 main points:

  1. That it is clear.   2) That it is sustainable.   3) That we provide suggested work.

Our aim is to provide as much support as possible as we work through the coming period but we do not want to overwhelm.

We are very conscious of the different contexts and changed circumstances that parents, children and teachers currently find themselves  in.

Please check in regularly to download support pages.

[ On a technical note: Our website is hosted in Ireland with an Irish company. We have been in touch with our web hosting provider to ensure we have enough bandwidth. Bandwidth relates to the number of people who can connect to the website at the same time. We do not envisage that there will be issues but if we need to increase the bandwidth further then we will.  As a general rule it is good practice to download what you need and when finished with the website to close your browser window ie not to have the website open in the background as it is still connected to the website.]